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Fasting is much more than simply not eating; it is both a science and an art. Fasting as we use the term here, means total abstinence from all food for a definite period of time. The word comes from the old English word fasten, which means firm and fixed. In other words, the fast is something we hold to on a firm basis under controlled and fixed conditions.

Fasting and Starvation

Those who think that fasting is equivalent to starvation are entirely wrong. There are basically two periods in the process of abstaining from food – the fasting period proper and the period of starvation. The fasting stage continues so long as the body supports itself on the stored reserves within its tissues. Starvation begins when abstinence is carried beyond the time when these stored reserves are used up or have dropped to a dangerously low level.

Four reasons for fasting



  1. Let’s begin with the most discussed topic i.e. weight reduction. There can be no question that fasting produces the quickest, safest and most effective avenue available for weight reduction.It is important to note that in case of overweight individuals, weight reduction ia an added benefit even when not the sole, or even the main reason for the fast.
  2. Physiological compensation is fit for the second reason. To explain this I would like to explain with an example. If you have water running in the bath tub and somebody turns on the water in the kitchen sink, the rate of the flow into the bath tub immediately decreases, when the water in the kitchen is turned off, the rate of flow into the bath tub is immediately increased.The similar phenomenon is witnessed in our body. If food is to be digested, much blood must flow to the digestive organs and we tend to become sluggish, even to fall asleep. If we force ourselves to do hard work, the process of digestion is practically suspended. Fasting conserves the energies of the body. To expend on one side, nature must conserve on the other.
  3. Third reason is to secure physiological rest. The rest is of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems. The more food one eats, the more work must be performed by the organs making up these systems; when there is great reduction in the amount of food taken, these organs will rest. Even in our day to day life we see, if we take rest from our work even for a day, we feel more bouncy to work again.
  4. The fourth reason is the all important matter of elimination. Felix L. Oswald, M.D. says “ Fasting is the great system renovator. Three fast days a years will purify the blood and eradicate the poison- diathesis more effectively than a hundred bottles of purgative bitters.” Nothing known to man equals the fast as a means of increasing the elimination of waste from the blood and tissues. As the fast progresses pent up secretions or retained waste, are thrown out of the body and the system becomes purified. In a vital sense the individual is “made over”.

For over more than one hundred years, natural Hygienists have employed the fast as a means of promoting health and enabling the body to recover speedily from illness.

Whether it is to maintain or to restore good health, to gain weight or to lose weight, the role of fasting is a vital factor that can no longer be overlooked by anyone who is concerned with personal health and well being mentally and physically.








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  1. Vasudha on August 20, 2018 at 10:01 am said:

    Nice read di. Thanks. Please elaborate on ways of fasting. And what we should eat just after fasting?

  2. Vasudha on August 20, 2018 at 10:00 am said:

    Nice article . Thanks. please elaborate on the ways of fasting.

  3. Chirag on April 4, 2015 at 10:17 am said:

    So what is the best way to fast? Should we not eat at all during the entire day or have some fruits or have just one meal??

    • Hello Chirag,
      Nice to hear from you.
      There are many ways for fasting. Like total fasting, fasting with fruit juice only, fasting with water having honey and lemon juice , fasting with milk only etc. It depends on the reason for which fasting is observed, that decides the need of the oral intake. In case of fruits and fruit juices special care should be taken to choose the specific fruit and juice only which help to get rid of your problem. All juices can’t be taken in every problem. To know more about use of different juices in various diseases, you can check the link
      For any further information, feel free to call us on the phone number as provided on the right corner of the home page.

      Dr Anita

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