Chakrasana – The wheel pose




The body is bent towards back in a circular pose in this asana, hence this asana is called as chakrasana. The ‘Wheel Pose’ or Chakrasana has derived its name, because of the peculiar shape the body takes, while performing the asana or pose. Chakra is a Sanskrit word, that means ‘wheel’, and your body forms a sort of semi-circle, or circle during the pose. Chakrasana is a very good asana for improving the elasticity of the spinal cord. Chakrasana is one of the best asanas to reduce weight.   This asana should be performed in the morning or afternoon but not in the evening. It should be followed by Paschimottanasana. 


Physical Benefits

  • It is beneficial for your cardiovascular, glandular and nervous systems health
  • Makes the spinal cord flexible and strengthens stomach and instestine
  • Chakrasana strengthens the neck, wrists, finger tips, spin, thighs, ankles, feet and the back
  • Improves vision power of eyes.
  • It also has a positive effect on hormonal secretions.



  • First lie down comfortably on a mat on your back in Shavasana pose.
  • Now bend your knees until the feet touches the buttocks.
  • Now bend your arms at elbows over the head and put your palms just under the shoulders on floor such that the fingers are pointing towards your back.
  • While inhaling slowly raise your hands, chest, stomach and waist by arching the spine.  Continue to press the ground by feet and hands.  Try to raise your body as high as possible in wheel pose.
  • If you are comfortable in this pose, they try to bring your hands and feet as closer as possible to make a wheel type pose.
  • Breathe normally and hold the pose for 2-4 breaths
  • To release, exhale and slowly, bend your elbows to lower your head, neck and then shoulders to the floor
  • Bend your knees to slowly roll your spine and hips back to the floor
  • It is very important to relax for a while after doing this pose.



  • This pose should not be attempted by anyone suffering from weak wrists or sickness 
  • It should not be practised during pregnancy
  • Chakrasana should not be prcticed by people with heart problems.
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