Matsyasana – The fish pose





Matsya means fish. With this asana one can swim in water for a long time. therefore, it is known as Matsyasana. This Asana is complimentary to Sarwangasana. This asana is done after Halasana and should be followed by Sarwangasana.


Physical Benefits

  • The Matsyasana causes a stretching on the thyroid and parathyroid glands, thereby improving their function and counterbalancing the effects of the Jalandhar bandha.
  • The Asana does wonders for your respiratory systems; when you assume this position, your chest is stretched open and your bronchial tubes are widened to promote easier breathing. 
  • Improves supply to brain and face, also stretches the carotid artery.
  • The reproductive system is improved due to the increased blood supply. 
  • Loosens the spine and prevents round shoulders.
  • It also helps in reducing excess fat on the hips and abdomen.
  • It help in conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, reproductive disorders, cervical spondylitis, haemorrhoids, and back pain.



  • Sit on the ground with legs stretched in front.
  • Now bend the legs in Padmasana pose.
  • Then bend backwards with the help of elbows till the body is on the ground.
  • Bring both palms near the thighs.
  • Bring the head as close to the back as possible, the weight of the body to be supported by the palms.
  • Now the weight of the upper portion of the body would be on head.
  • Grasp the big toes of both the feet by both hands. The elbows would be on the ground. This is Matsyasana.
  • Do not force the position, but breathe naturally
  • Hold the pose for as long you can, without straining.
  • To return to original position rise slowly with pressure on the elbows and sit straight.



  • It should not be performed by people suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseases, hernia or ulcers.
  • It should be avoided during menstruation and pregnancy.





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