Our Specialties

Our Specialties

Ayuropathy Healthcare
Ayuropathy Healthcare

       Ayurvedic Medicine,  Panchakarma & Rejuvenation
       Removal of renal stones and gall stones without surgery
       Pain management – Arthritis, Pain in Knees and back pain
       Treatment of COPD (Bronchial Asthma)
       Treatment of Gastric Problems –Acidity, Gas related problems and constipation
       Treatment of Generalized weakness
       Treatment of Migraine
       Treatment of Osteoporosis
       Paralysis management
       Gynaecology (Female Problems)
       Stress management
       Naturopathic Treatment
       Aroma Therapy
       Sound Therapy
       Yoga consultation
       Stem cell therapy consultation
       Treatment of Cancer by Reiki
       Suggestions for Healthy Living

Ph: +91- 9971028518, email: doc@ayuropathy.com, Web site: www.ayuropathy.com


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